Frequently Asked Questions


How is Your Offering Different?

JouleSmart Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive facility modernization typically not available to small and medium-sized businesses. Our facility upgrades include heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, as well as lighting and controls— and connect them to the cloud utilizing our proprietary software and customized master control panel; the end result is a truly Intelligent Building; up until now only available to large, commercial buildings. All made possible with no upfront capital investment by you; you pay for your building upgrades with efficiency achieved over time. We also help shield you from rising energy costs—and performance is guaranteed. We ensure you take advantage of utility incentive programs, rolling in any and all benefits. To make your life simpler and empower you to what you do best we manage the process for the life of the partnership and provide complete transparency. Once the upgrades and installation have been fully covered via the energy savings we then provide the lion’s share of the savings back to you annually by check. Money right back to your bottom line.

We're leading the industry with our offering—a comprehensive upgrade approach with no upfront cost and assured guaranteed performance.


We already adopted some efficiency measures and didn't see the benefit, how do I know your solution is working?

It's our responsibility to make sure your building performs as promised. It's that simple. The key is optimization, i.e. having all the information, controls, and sensory feedback to take the right action at the right time, on an ongoing basis. Performance is our priority. If energy savings don't cover the full capital cost, it's our risk. in the unlikely event that happens, you will continue to enjoy valuable energy savings for the entire term of our agreement. At the end of the contract term, the equipment is yours along with the savings it delivers. All our projects have an insured performance guarantee provided by A.M. Best A+ rated Munich Re.


Why can't my own contractor do this?

Installing a comprehensive JouleSmart Solution Building system requires financial, operational, and technical expertise in many areas.

  • Expertise. We are experts in and oversee the installation of HVAC, lighting, building controls, and communications equipment, incorporating a wide variety of upgrades and efficiency improvements for your business.

  • Immediacy. We move quickly because in this case time truly is money. Because we fund the purchase and installation of all equipment as well as the timing of all available rebates and incentives, we can push forward without delay.

  • Oversight. We provide Active Oversight, continuously monitoring the JouleSmart Solution Building Management System for the term of our agreement.

  • Assurance. The JouleSmart Solution Building Management program has qualified for investment grade performance insurance, thereby providing you assurance that the installation will perform.

In some cases, your existing maintenance contractor can assist us in the installation and ongoing system maintenance.


Why not just take out a bank loan?

Your JouleSmart Solution Building Management Systems comes with our guarantee, backed by A.M. Best-rated Hartford Steam Boiler, that our performance will repay capital and deliver you savings. We provide the capital to purchase the equipment and handle the installation and ongoing maintenance. In turn, we offer you the resulting benefits as an ongoing service. We assume the financial risk and manage everything for you, providing valuable peace of mind and empowering you to focus on what you do best.


Will we miss out on the opportunity to participate in utility incentive/rebate programs that promote energy savings?

Not at all. In fact, by working with us, you'll qualify for additional programs. Our solution incorporates available incentive/financing benefits. We augment those with performance guarantees and additional program benefits. Moreover, we have the expertise to uncover and receive sophisticated utility incentives not typically offered to small-medium business customers.


Who has successfully implemented the JouleSmart Building upgrade?

We've installed JouleSmart Solution Building Management Systems across the U.S. for all types of buildings and businesses.


What can we do for you?

Financing. We can provide capital for the full upfront cost of your project; we will be repaid through energy savings. We can also provide access to and manage the process for various rebate, incentive, and state-supported loan programs.

Implementation. JouleSmart Solutions performs site analysis, oversees installation, operation, and ongoing system maintenance.

Our solution helps facility managers and building owners control costs by providing software, technical expertise, and financial services.


How does Joulesmart get paid?

We're your partners. We get paid by delivering our service and receive a small share of your savings created by the installation and operation of your JouleSmart Solution Building system. As we value transparency, you'll see every step along the wayhow we are doing and how much you are saving.


What's the catch?

There isn't one. Your JouleSmart Building system is made possible by newly affordable hardware and cloud-based software. It's backed by savvy investors that understand small businesses and the challenges of financing infrastructure improvements. It's supported by a new realization by utilities that comprehensive approaches to efficiency are more likely to lead to long-term persistent results. It's strengthened by our decades of industry experience and commitment to helping you improve your business while also becoming a better steward of our Earth.

With our shared value proposition, our interests are always aligned with yours.