McDonald’s franchises

Two McDonald’s locations cut electricity costs in half and reduce natural gas usage by 20%

The McDonald’s corporation has ambitious sustainability goals, but for local franchisees operating on a thin margin, going green must have a bottom-line focus as well. Colley Group, a large franchisee, wanted to improve energy efficiency in its two McDonald’s locations and reduce operational costs.


The JouleSmart solution included a turnkey retrofit that involved no out-of-pocket costs or risk for the franchisee. The new intelligent building solution for the McDonald’s locations includes: a building management system with centralized control, lighting retrofits, variable frequency drives for heating and cooling, smart thermostats, and fault detection for mechanical equipment.


Within the first 18 months, the two restaurants cut electricity costs by 23 percent, maximum peak energy demand by 10 percent and the volume of natural gas used by 20 percent. Together, these reductions saved the Colley Group more than $80,000. The new lighting system also reduces long-term maintenance costs.    
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