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Pull Quote: Chowder Pot

“With a smart phone in the palm of his hand, Bencivengo can now control the temperature in the building and refrigeration/freezer system, control the inside and outside lights and be alerted if a door is left ajar after closing time.”

Source: Get Smart About Intelligent Buildings

“Cloud-based control systems can be especially effective in small or medium-size offices without the staff or expertise to maintain the building’s energy systems. Allowing a third-party firm to monitor the building, for instance checking HVAC equipment for malfunctions or setting lighting schedules, can be a cost-effective way to save energy.”

Balanced Comfort

“Working with JouleSmart has been great. Not only have they given me a new, leading-edge service to offer, they are bringing me new business and new revenue streams. The partnership strengthens my offerings and standing with my potential client base. Communication is seamless and the JouleSmart team is the authority in energy savings. It’s a … Continued


“Energy is the third most expensive item in our P&L.Over the 3 years since the retrofit, the site has experienced $80,000 in energy savings. This is a big deal in a narrow margin business like ours.”

Southwest Family Dentistry

“JouleSmart’s solution has reduced some of our largest operating costs by almost 30%, providing a significant boost to our bottom line.”

Mellanie Heniff

“I am very happy with the JouleSmart Building Management System.The improved lighting quality has been an asset to my business and overall quality of service that we can deliver for our customers… Their knowledgeable staff and flexibility made installation a very easy process.”