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Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy
Partners with JouleSmart
to Improve Lighting, Reduce Operational Costs




To improve lighting quality while reducing operating costs.

Based in Tigard, OR, Westside's 14,000-sq.ft. facility is in almost constant use in the daytime and evening; dancers rehearse in four studios, while gymnasts practice in a spacious gym with 25-ft. cathedral ceilings. The fluorescent lights in the gym were below-code and dimming with age. The owners wanted to improve the space with higher quality lighting while reducing costs using energy-efficient equipment.

The improvements have increased the overall value of our business. Knowledgeable staff and their flexibility made installation a very easy process.
— Melanie Heniff, President, Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy


Create energy savings while improving indoor conditions through enhanced lighting and climate controlsminimizing business disruption and with no cash outlay.

JouleSmart financed and designed a turnkey, energy-efficient retrofit that offered superior lighting and zone-controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). We installed:

  • The JouleSmart Buildings system to aggregate energy consumption data, reveal usage patterns, and minimize fuel consumption
  • Energy-efficient, cost-effective LEDs to provide immediate savings and reduce long-term maintenance costs
  • Occupancy and photo sensors to automatically switch off lights in empty rooms and/or assess daylight and appropriately adjust indoor lighting
  • Controllers to optimize the flow of warm/cool air to create a comfortable building environment
  • A building management system to monitor and adjust equipment and termperature via wireless and cellular networks


With no cash outlay and financed entirely through guaranteed energy performance, Westside expanded the project scope to include both HVAC and lighting. Temperature, lighting, and overall comfort were much improved and facilities were made more attractive while electrical energy consumption decreased by 30% (3,000 KWh), electrical demand declined by 10%, and gas energy consumption dropped 7%.

We provided full project investmentthat will be recovered from energy savingsand secured a rebate that reduced equipment and labor costs by nearly 50%, With access to incentives, the project scope was able to be expanded to include HVAC improvements. Unlike other providers that focus solely on lighting, JouleSmart can make comprehensive HVAC system improvements, consequently enhancing performance and reducing costs for both lighting and climate control. We also introduced Westside to demand response, providing access to benefits of up to $400 annually that will flow directly to Westside, further reducing energy costs. Westside experienced no business disruptions during the installation process.