What We Do

We bring enterprise level technology, equipment and software connected to the cloud to SMB’s who own their buildings and transform them into truly SMART buildings. In doing so greatly reducing their energy costs, increasing their control and maximizing all rebates and incentives available to them from their utility provider. The financial benefits, along with going green and improving the customer experience, are just a few of the highlights a JouleSmart Solution delivers to all of our customers and partners.

Our Mission

We seek to partner with like-minded SMB’s, cities and municipalities to leverage our deep experience, expertise and passion for sustainable and efficient energy management on their behalf which will be extremely beneficial for them, their customers and the planet.

What Our Partners Are Saying 

"I am very happy with the JouleSmart Buildings system. The improved lighting quality has been an asset to my business and overall quality of service that we can deliver for our customers...   Their knowledgeable staff and flexibility made installation a very easy process."

- Melanie Heniff, President and Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy

About JouleSmart

JouleSmart Solutions integrates technical, operational, and financial solutions to help small- and mid-sized businesses access the benefits of smart building management. The JouleSmart approach provides immediate cost reduction as well as ongoing oversight and management—a combination that generates the energy performance upon which our financing model depends, and a greater degree of customer control over facility operations.