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McDonald's Partners with JouleSmart
to Improve Operations and Energy Efficiency




To operate two McDonald's restaurants in a more efficient manner.

McDonald's restaurants in Bedford Hills and Ossining, NY sought to install cost-effective, energy efficient fixtures and a cloud-based energy management system in the two 2,000 sq.ft. establishments that could be centrally managed from a remote location.

Energy is the third most expensive item in our P&L. Our utility usage has been cut almost in half since the retrofit.
— Patty Mulholland, Area Supervisor, The Colley Group-owner & operator of the two McDonald's locations


Use a cost-effective, two-phased approachrequiring no cash outlay by the business ownerto achieve sustainability objectives while minimizing day-to-day business disruption

JouleSmart designed and implementedwith minimal installation disruptiona two-phased turnkey retrofit providing remote operational oversight of energy usage at the two restaurants.

Phase 1: We installed our JouleSmart Buildings system to aggregate energy consumption data, monitor and control equipment, adjust and optimize temperature, and analyze usage data for continuous operational improvement.

Phase 2: We replaced indoor fluorescent light fixtures with an LED system that is controlled by wireless occupancy sensors to provide immediate savings and long-term maintenance cost reductions.


Within eighteen months of implementation, we enabled two McDonald's restaurants to cut electricity costs by 23%, maximum peak demand by 10%, and the volume of natural gas used
by 20%

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We provided full project investmentthat will be recovered from energy savingsand secured a rebate that reduced equipment and labor costs by nearly 50%, effectively shortening the payback period to four years.