Solution Overview

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Advanced building technology can support your business – Our turnkey approach makes it easy

At the heart of JouleSmart’s Solution is the Integrated Intelligence Gateway, a proprietary software and hardware platform. JouleSmart’s ActiveOversight ™ provides 24/7 monitoring to maintain a high-performance building. The benefits of the intelligent building include an improved bottom line, enhanced employee productivity, and a reduced carbon footprint.
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Designed for SMBs to ease operational burdens, our ActiveOversight™ service is your remote facility manager. We actively monitor and analyze your HVAC and other systems to identify issues early and optimize equipment performance.

Cloud-Based Software

Our sophisticated, cloud-based application makes it easy to remotely manage and control your building. Continuously tracking your energy usage at the meteras well as the health of your building systems, we ease facility management burdens, reduce emergency/unplanned maintenance and lower operating costs. We focus on your facility so you can focus on your business.

Advanced Equipment and Connectivity

JouleSmart upgrades your building with intelligent and connected equipment, which can include some or all of the following: EV charging, solar/storage, occupancy and temperature sensors, real-time power meters, smart thermostats, intelligent HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) controls and monitoring, intelligent lighting systems, cellular gateways, wireless networks, and a building management system with Integrated Intelligence Gateway.

Electric Vehicle Charging

As auto dealers and other businesses face complex decisions around the installation of EV chargers, JouleSmart, in partnership with ABOVEgrid, is excited to bring a package of technology, incentives and financing to support required upgrades with no capital required from businesses. Facility upgrades integrate solar, energy storage, EV charging, and building controls according to site needs. Benefits include reduced operating costs, reduced facility hassles/downtime and a green footprint to attract new customers.

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No up-front Capital Required

JouleSmart works with you through a simple subscription service.
No surprises and up-front capital investment required on your part.

Businesses we support

Small business

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have the time, resources, or upfront capital to upgrade their underperforming buildings.


Franchise owners who want to increase the value, performance, and manageability of their properties.


JouleSmart partners with your customers to improve the performance, efficiency and comfort of their buildings.

Trade Allies

By partnering with JouleSmart, you can increase revenue, grow your customer base, and work more efficiently.