Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Lighting Only Upgrades

As a business, it is crucial to optimize production and cut costs whenever possible, and energy spend is a large expense for many businesses.


Typically when searching for ways to reduce energy usage, the first thought is lighting upgrades, since swapping out a light is a simple and well understood way to reduce energy spend. Additionally, more robust solutions, like HVAC upgrades, are complicated, costly, and poorly understood, putting them well out of reach for most small business owners. This leads many to opt for the simplicity of lighting only upgrades, forgoing the significant energy savings from more robust but complicated HVAC solutions.

While lighting is important, there are numerous other ways to improve comfort and energy savings, beyond just lighting. Benefits of a whole system retrofit include a more comfortable office environment and substantial savings. Energy savings just from HVAC retrofits can account for nearly 30% of the possible monthly savings, and results in improved comfort, due to the upgraded HVAC system and smart thermostats.

The JouleSmart team brings the necessary engineering expertise to you. Our smart technology upgrades allow you to control your building from your fingertips through a smart thermostat that can automatically adjust to your heating and cooling routine. Along with that, our financing programs offers a risk-free solution with no upfront cost to you. When you’re thinking about ways to make your building energy efficient, there is more to look at than just modernizing light fixtures. Friends don’t let friends make mistakes, especially when it comes to missing an opportunity to upgrade to a smart building and cutting down utility costs.