Yonkers Honda Dealership

Yonkers Honda Dealership cut electricity costs by nearly 1/3 and added $391k+ to the value of the building

Auto dealerships are faced with high energy demands for the lighting and HVAC required to deliver a topflight
customer experience. This was particularly true for the ninety-one-year-old Yonkers Honda Dealership
based in Yonkers, New York. A multi-location dealership, with outdated and insufficient systems, made
operational efficiency a massive challenge. The dealership desperately needed new lights in their service
and showroom areas, and the lighting in other areas was not up to standards. To stay competitive, they
knew they needed to upgrade their customer experience, lower operating costs, and reduce their carbon


JouleSmart’s comprehensive upgrade included HVAC, lighting, and ventilation equipment systems, updated maintenance strategies, and an assessment of the building’s potential to participate in revenueproducing Smart Grid programs. The JouleSmart Advanced HVAC Controllers and other system sensors, connected to the JouleSmart Gateway, were custom-configured to the specific needs of the building. The Gateway allowed the building to access JouleSmart’s proprietary cloud-based system providing real-time Active Oversight™. Using this, JouleSmart actively monitored the HVAC and other systems to identify issues early and optimize equipment performance.


This resulted in a building that outperformed its peers, providing the building owner with substantial improvements in operating performance and significant reductions in costs. The new system also provided an enhanced customer environment for Yonkers Honda’s customers, and supported its commitment to “Going Green.”

Results Graphic

• $0 upfront capital investment
• Critical system upgrades
• Increased building value
• Real-time Active OversightTM
• Remote facility management platform
• Multi-location surveillance
• Equipment maintenance for the lifetime of the contract
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Optimized energy usage
• Improved customer and employee environment
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