What We Do

We help small and mid sized building owners strengthen financial performance through increased productivity, increased asset value, a reduce carbon footprint and reduced utility expense. 

Our Mission

We seek to deliver to small- and mid-sized businesses the benefits of active energy management that are traditionally reserved for only the larger, more advanced commercial buildings.


"I am very happy with the JouleSmart Buildings system. The improved lighting quality has been an asset to my business and overall quality of service that we can deliver for our customers...   Their knowledgeable staff and flexibility made installation a very easy process."

- Melanie Heniff, President and Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy


JouleSmart Solutions integrates technical, operational, and financial solutions to help small- and mid-sized businesses access the benefits of smart building management. The JouleSmart approach provides immediate cost reduction as well as ongoing oversight and managementa combination that generates the energy performance upon which our financing model depends, and a greater degree of consumer control over facility operations.